Boscombe 10k

The 29th annual Boscombe 10k is taking place on Sunday 27th November 2016. This is a hugely popular event and is sold out already!

Runners, for any race or marathon, should prepare thoroughly, mentally and physically.

Running, as a high impact activity, can put a strain on the body but with proactive and preventative physiotherapy care, injuries can be avoided.

Lower Back Physio

Lower Back: Floor based exercises help to strengthen and condition yourself to avoid lower back pain, should it develop.

Marathon Training

Ankle: Talk to your physiotherapist about prehab exercises  for strengthening your ankles to improve your running performance.

Running technique

Technique: Your physiotherapist can run a ViMove assessment on your running technique. This will flag up any asymmetries in your running style which may cause you injuries. It will also improve your running performance.

Gear: Having the best running gear for you, will not only allow for comfort but also ensure that your performance is the best that it can be. Book in your FREE testing session now at your nearest participating Mizuno store and find the perfect running shoe for you!

The Mizuno Running Solution is a unique experience that takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect running shoe. Powered by ViMove, a revolutionary wearable sensor technology that measures nine variables as you run providing you with an individual data set for each shoe you test. ViMove converts these readings into hard data, not hunches. In a matter of minutes you’ll be able to see and feel which shoe makes you a more efficient runner and help you choose your perfect shoe.

Running is such a great way to release stress, clear your mind and keep fit. With the right training and body care, you can keep going for miles and miles!



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