ViMove™ provides visual, objective, easily interpreted data to improve your assessments, choose and manage treatment options, and document therapy progress for patients, referral physicians and insurance companies.

In a recent randomized controlled trial,  patients treated with ViMove™ for ten weeks were more than 3X more likely to have clinically important improvements (>30% over baseline), in reduced back pain and 2.5X more likely to have clinically important improvements in activity limitation vs. patients treated with guidelines based care at 12 months.

ViMove™ is a wireless sensor technology that objectively measures human movement and turns it into actionable data. Wearable motion and muscle activity sensors record data at 200 frames per second.

During flexion, what’s the breakdown between pelvic movement and lumbar spine movement? How does your patient progress from repetition to repetition? How about when they’re fresh vs. fatigued?

Sample of ViMove™ Low Back Instant Analytics

Sample of ViMove Low Back Instant AnalyticsSensors Female

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Bournemouth Physiotherapy Clinics

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Thorpes Physiotherapy

Spinex Disc Clinics Ltd

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Bowskill Clinic

Active Therapy

Horsmonden Physiotherapy Clinic

Theale Wellbeing Centre

The Ashleigh Clinic



Back To Health Chiropractic Clinics

Rosier Physio & Movement Studio


A2Z Elite Health and Performance

Caversham Osteo Room

Harley Street Osteopathy

Alton Sports Running Specialist

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